Thursday, June 05, 2008

rental car

So we dropped off the car at the body shop, and picked up our rental car. Chris is in absolute MOPAR heaven . . . it is a Steel-colored ' 07 Dodge Charger. I thought he was finally adjusted to the idea of keeping the corolla for awhile longer, but I have a feeling that this is going to send him over the edge. . . I will admit that it was really nice to drive something new and smooth.

Work is going okay (I'm training a new person), but it is a little difficult to sit upright and still all day. My back/neck seems to be extra tight. So I'm looking forward to this weekend so that I can relax. Chris and I may take an impromptu trip to Louisville . . . just because we can with the rental car (prepaid for a tank of gas - have to make sure and use it.

I am making progress on my 100 book list. I'm on the last book of the Harry Potter Series. I should be able to start going through the books a lot faster once I'm done with that.

It looks like our camping trip will be canceled. All of the sudden it is hotter than Hades here, and if we are both still sore from the accident, sleeping outside on the ground won't help much.

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