Saturday, June 07, 2008

Plan for the Day

  1. Study for the GRE (Chris)
  2. Laundry (Sarah)
  3. Get stuff to make dishes for picnic (sarah)
  4. make stuff for picnic (sarah)
  5. Go get some furniture ideas (both)
  6. Go to Church Picnic (both)

The funny thing about the list above, is that I truly started out with only 3 things on my list. But as I was typing, I started thinking of all the other stuff that I should be doing today. See, that is why I make lists. . . because my thought process is expanded when I actually write stuff down. I have to admit I go a little crazy with my lists sometimes. I'm definitely one of those people that like to cross stuff off the list.

My next two books that I will be reading are by Meg Cabot. (Size 14 and Big Boned). We are currently listening to The Pillars of the Earth, and we are both really liking it. The nice thing about doing this challenge is that I am really expanding the books that I'm reading. I bought Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen last night, so that will probably get read after I finish the library books that I have.

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