Thursday, June 19, 2008

Coming Together

The new office is really coming together. Chris has worked very hard to get the desks put together. We had the cable guy come yesterday to "Fix" the cable outlet in our room so we can move our router in there. Chris got some of his stuff put away on his desk, and it is really looking nice. I think it is going to work well. Now we just have to find time/money to get up to Ikea to get the book shelves.

I've been trying to catch up on all my "filing". I've decided that I keep far too much paperwork. I've tried to get a sense of how long you are supposed to keep bills and paperwork and such. Everyone seems to have a much different opinion. I've tried to come up with an easy medium. So the last few nights, I have spent the evening with our paper shredder. I hate that shredder. It seems to get jammed every 4-5 papers or so. I remember the time when I thought feeding papers into the shredder was sOOO much fun (yes, i'm a dork, but we are talking about when I was a kid), and now it just seems tedious. So how long do you all keep your "filing" stuff?

Right now we are trying to work on our summer schedules. We were joking with friends of ours that their honeymoon (that they just got back from) would be the last major vacation that they take for awhile. The rest of their "vacation time" will be spend visiting family. It seems like after you do that, you are either out of time and/or money. :) We have a family reunion/vacation scheduled for mid July to visit with my side of the family. My grandparents, great aunt and great grandma are coming up from Florida, and my second cousin and her (new) husband are coming from VA. My whole immediately family should be there as well. We are going to meet in the "middle" and hang out at my brothers house in NC. Crazy times. We are also trying to figure out when we can visit with Chris' parents when they are back in the states. Plus, Chris starts school in late Aug. Plus we have youth activities with Church. The next thing you know, all our weekends are taken up. Who said summer was supposed to be relaxing?


Natalie said...

It's no fun when you get behind on your filling. I have random boxes, that I need to go through and file yet I keep putting it off. However, if I took the time to do it, I would have more storage space because about half of it gets shredded. There are these new jam proof shredders on the market, that I would recommend buying. The shredding goes a lot faster if you don't have to deal with a paper jam.

allier said...

Where in NC? We would LOVE to see you!