Thursday, June 26, 2008

How NOT to Re-Organize Your Favorites

So I got a little carried away last week. I had been having a hard time finding a link that I know that I had in my favorites list. I had gotten pretty far behind in organizing my favorites. I hadn't really developed a consistent way of organzing them. So I had the BRIGHT (read: horrible) idea to put all of my links in ONE folder called Personal, and check each and every link to make sure that it was still valid and that I still wanted it, and to then go BACK through and find a consistent way of organizing. I started with 374 links. Holy Cow. Let's just say that this wasn't one of my better ideas. It took forever! I quickly gave up on the idea of going through the entire list twice, and started organizing as I went through. I'm finally done. But it took over a week to do it. And it wasn't nearly as satisfying as I thought it would be.

Someone suggested that I use StumbleUpon as a way to manage my favorites. I'm not as into using social networking sites as others. I have facebook, but I don't use it often. StumbleUpon just seems . . . nosy. If I have a link to share, I put it here. Any other ideas?

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