Monday, October 30, 2006

i've been a bad blogger

Sorry I haven't updated lately. I was doing good about updating for awhile, and I've been kind of lazy for the last few weeks. Things just got really busy here. We have been putting some finishing touches on our house, and it is really coming together. There are still some more things that I want to get, but it is starting to look really neat. And I have some cool ideas for my office that I want to do. :)

Chris' birthday was this weekend, and we had some people over for a cookout. I got Chris a homemade pasta maker and two cds, and a gift certificate to a woodworking shop. Our anniversary is this weekend, so we are going to a cabin for the weekend. It should be very fun! :)

I've been doing okay on WW. I have stuck to my points this week, but I didn't feel like I had lost anything. According to the scales this morning, I have lost, so we will see how that works out tonight on the scales. I'm still trying to find the good balance between protein, carbs and veggies. Cause sometimes, I feel like I'm eating all empty carbs and they don't fill me up very much. So I had more protein this week, and it helped keep me satisfied.

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