Thursday, October 12, 2006

holding steady

Still holding steady. I think some of my water weight from last week is gone. I came up with a reward structure for my weight loss. I've come up with these before, but they never really seemed to be too much of a motivator. Especially because I usually end up buying the "rewards" for myself instead of earning them. So I came up with a non-food reward structure that isn't the typical rewards I would use. I usually just get my haircut at Great Clips, and have never been to a salon/spa before, so I thought going there would be fun, and different, and something I wouldn't normally do, but should enjoy. I will probably get all of these done at the Planet Salon and Spa in Beaumont.
  1. 10 lbs - essential Manicure ($22)
  2. 20 lbs - eyebrow waxing ($12) and haircut ($30)
  3. 30 lbs (also my 10% goal) - Detoxifying arometherapy body wrap ($70)
  4. 40 lbs - makeup lesson ($50) - (i suck at putting on makeup)
  5. 50 lbs - rainspa manicure ($30) and rainspa pedicure ($65)

After I reach that point, I will come up with some more. I didn't want to focus on the big picture, because I have so far to go, it is easy to get distracted.

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