Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Well, I'm back at Weight Watchers. I failed miserably trying to do this on my own. So I decided to head back. A girl at work is doing it with me, so that should help quite a bit. I'm going to a different meeting. For some reason, I was having a hard time with the last meeting that I was going to. I'm not saying that as a valid excuse for me to quit, but it did make it a lot easier.

These are my starting pictures. Not really in the mood to do a full body shot just to do a before picture. These are the best full body shots I have from our vacation (usually avoid the camera like the plague if I can help it.

Since no one reads this site as of now, and even if it does get more popular (yeah right), hopefully by that point, I will have lost a bit more weight, so I won't be ashamed at my starting point, I'm going to go ahead and put my actual weight on here.

Starting weight: 294 (3 lbs more than the last time I started weight watchers).

Today has gone okay so far. I waited entirely to long to eat (well after lunch), but I didn't have a chance to go shopping last night, so I knew I needed a good amount of points for lunch.

Hopefully now that I'm doing weight watchers, I will be updating this more regularly.

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