Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Best 2 point snack EVER

ok, as some of you know, I'm back on weight watchers. I failed MISERABLY trying to do it on my own, so we will try again. a friend from work is going with me, and i know that that is going to help me enormously.

got through yesterday okay, especially considering i didn't have a chance to get to the grocery store before i started. so last night, because i was lazy, i went to the close kroger instead of going to walmart. i probably spent about $20 bucks more than if i had gone to walmart, but i didn't feel like driving across town (that is sad i know. walmart is really on 10 minutes away, but kroger is 2 minutes away). Plus, I would have ended up getting some other stuff at walmart that i need to wait on (new purse, video card, etc). anyhow, all that to say, that i discovered THE most fabulous 2 point snack. They are the new fruit parfaits from Dole. I'm not terribly fond of yogurt, so I don't usually go for the parfaits, but this one said that it wasn't yogurt, but cream. I saw that it was only 2 points, and I needed to get a wider variety of snacks (thank heavens for the 100 calorie packs, but they get boring after awhile). it was delecious. fantastic. didn't know a fruit cup could taste that good. probably making more out of this than it really is, but if you have ever done weight watchers, or any weightloss program, you know that what food you do get to eat is cherished. you have to make every bite count, cause you don't get as many. why would i waste my points on something that i didn't really like??

anyhow. free advertising for them. they were pretty cheap at kroger (looking at my receipt, they were . . . 1.96 for four, so not that cheap, but not bad). i'll try and post some weight loss stories (the positive ones) when they happen.

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