Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Road Trip Part 2

We woke up around 8 or so, and got ready to leave. The motel had the lamest continental breakfast ever. It started raining as we loaded the car. Our first destination was Milwaukee. We had picked up a number of brochures in the hotel, and decided to try and visit the Miller Plant (beer) in Milwaukee. Of course, it proceeded to pour down rain. We also re-discovered, that you really can't trust the maps on the backs of brochures, because they are very rarely accurate. After getting twisted around, and instead of finding the Miller Factory we found the Miller Memorial Football stadium (quite nice), we decided to stop for some breakfast. We stopped at an iHop, and Chris decided to try and mimic the Wisconsin accent throughout the whole meal. It was quite entertaining. Milwaukee as a whole was kind of nasty and not very impressive. I didn't help that it was raining like crazy. We finally found the Miller Factory, only to discover that the tour was an inside/outstide tour, and it would take an hour. We poked around the giftshop and then decided to get back on the road.

We noticed a town on the map called "Osh Kosh" and decided it wasn't very far out of the way. We headed that way. The Wisconsin country-side is SOOO picturesque. We kept seeing all of these gorgeous dairy farms. Big red barns, and rolling hills, and quaint farmhouses. It really was beautiful. Chris hadn't got much sleep the previous night, so he tried to nap. We made it to Osh Kosh around lunch time, so we had a lunch in an interesting little coffee shop. Osh Kosh definitely had the college-town vibe going. Lots of little shops, but not a lot of people shopping. I always wander how places like that make it. We got back on the road, and headed to Green Bay.
Now, one of the appealing things about Wisconsin, is that it is well known for its CHEESE! And we all know how crazy I am about cheese! We had only passed one open cheese place so far, and I didn't stop, cause it was really tiny, and we didn't see it till we passed. I was so sure that we would see tons more. I didn't see ANY cheese stores on our way to Green Bay, and I was begining to think the made up the whole "cheese state" thing. We got to Green Bay, and went to the visitor's center, to see if they had any brochures on cheese places to go. We didn't find any that would be on our way, so I decided to stop worrying about it. We got to see Lambo field, and it was really cool. Now we were on our way to the UP (upper penisula) of Michigan. We stopped in this tiny town called Menominee in Wisconsin before we crossed into MI to get gas. I stayed in the car while Chris paid. And he came out with TWO kinds of cheese. My thoughtful honey. The first one was a cheddar mixture, and the second was a smoky mozarella. The cheddar was great, but the smoky mozarella was VERY salty, and it was hard to eat more than a few bites.

to be continued . . . .

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