Wednesday, August 23, 2006

no officer, i don't know why you pulled me over

continuing saga of the wedding programs. we got the black high yield ink. it worked great, but it did NOT print the stated 1200 pages that the review said it would print. more like 700. so I had to make another walmart run at 11:30 at night. I HAVE to get these programs done tonight. so i decided to stop at Kroger since it is much closer and see if they have it. right as I was turning into Kroger I saw the flashing lights and heard the siren. i have to admit a few choice words slipped. turns out she pulled me over because we have a head light out. when she asked if i knew why she pulled me over, i said that i didn't know. kind of a fib, cause i had a good idea, but i didn't KNOW for sure. she gave me a warning for the headlight. i knew there was a chance when i went to kroger, because sometimes there is a cop across the street clocking people. but i so desperately wanted to get it and get back home. still ended up at walmart, cause kroger didn't have it. grrr. so i'm finishing the programs. should be done a little after 1:00am. I hope.

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