Tuesday, August 22, 2006

procrasitnation + treen/amrine luck = bad combo

A friend from work is getting married Saturday. Way back in December when she got engaged, I volunteered my husband to make the programs. So we had MORE than enough time to do them. But of course, as usual, life got in the way, and we put them off until the last minute. Chris started the drawing about a week ago. He completed it last Saturday (and it looks fabulous - see picture). I finished up the layout using publisher the day before. We wanted my friend to approve it before we started printing it, so I showed it to her at work and we made our final edits. It turned out REALLY cute. So tonight's plan was to print a big batch of them.

The thing is, I didn't quite realize how many programs we would be printing. She is having a rather large wedding, and wants 350 programs. We are printing them on our inkjet at home. The programs are 2 pages, front and back on each. That is 700 pieces of paper, but 1400 prints. Dude. Thats a lot. Never fear, Lexmark has some high yield ink cartridges. I told Chris to pick some up at work since he gets a nice discount. Unfortunately, I didn't write down the number of the ink cartridge for the black cartridge, and the stupid girl behind the counter didn't know what she was talking about. When I tried to install the new cartridges, oddly enough, the black didn't print. AHHHHH. Did I mention that I have to have the programs done to take to work on Wednesday so we can fold them. My friend is only work a half day thursday and taking Friday off. So it is imperative that I at least get some printed tonight. SO I headed back into Lex to try and find a high yield cartridge. Couldn't find one anywher. Not Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot or Walmart. So I headed home empty handed. There was still a little black left in the current cartridge, I would see how far that went. Not too far, only about 25 pages. Not good. So I head to Walmart to get a normal cartridge. 250 pages later, and the black ink is almost empty. Worthless cartridges. (BTW, I also spent about 1.5 hours trying to install office 2003, couldn't get the download to work, then I couldn't get the cd to burn, then I couldn't get the product key from my email).

So. It is 10 till 1:00 (am) and I'm still printing. I am going to be dead tomorrow. But I'll have even more stuff to do then. Here's hoping I have used up my allowance of bad luck, and tomorrow will go smoothly.


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