Thursday, May 11, 2006


After a stressful couple of days, things look like they are coming together. I think I have finished up all the list of things to do paperwork wise.

  • Home Inspection - check
  • Pest Inspection - check
  • Appraiser - check
  • Money for down payment - check (thank heavens)
  • Homeowners Insurance - check
  • Switched car insurance too and saved a bunch of money - check

Whew. We are still packing (of course) but that is coming along quite nicely. I may not get some of the stuff sorted that is already packed, but not because I'm out of time. I'm just tired of sorting. LOL. We'll see when I get to them. We pretty much have everything done except for the Office and the decorations (pictures, flowers, etc). I will be glad when we are finally moved in, and we can start feeling at home.

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