Thursday, May 04, 2006


Hey. I added inside pictures of our new house to my picutres albums.

I'm a little out of it today. We were out pretty late last night helping Chris' parents unload their stuff into the storage unit that they have in Lexington. This morning my back seized up. I think I pulled something last night, and just finished off the job this morning. So I took one of my pain pills, and now I'm feeling a little loopy. Probably should have eaten some food before I took it.

Has anyone ever tried the fruit juices blends that are from "odwalla"? Our cafeteria just started selling them. Generally I stay away from fruit juice because there is so much sugar in them. But I needed something with some pep in it, so I got the "mango tango" fruit smoothie blend. It is really really good. It was kind of thick, but it tasted fantastic. and like I said, I generally don't like fruit juice or smoothies that much.

packing is coming along quite nicely. the goal is to have everything done by May 17th so that we can spend as much time as possible with Chris' parents before they leave. it is possible. i may not got as much of the storage stuff sorted as i had wanted, but i'm being flexible. ;)

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