Tuesday, May 23, 2006

only one day left!!

i can't believe it is almost here. in the back of my head, i almost thought that something was going to happen and prevent our getting this house. but everything has worked out, and to my knowledge we are a GO! i'm so very excited. i'm a lot calmer than i thought i would be, even though i still have some boxes to pack. it will all work out. i have two days off to finish up the last of everything. most of thursday will be spent shopping and getting the rest of the utilites switched. i already went ahead and had the phone turned off and had the cable switched . . . don't worry, they won't turn it off at the townhome until thursday morning, we have to be able to watch the LOST finale!!

chris' family is here and we are spending most of our time with them. it has been good and bad. it is nice to be with them, but hard knowing it is the last time (at least for a good while).

ack got to go, will post more later!

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