Monday, May 01, 2006


Tiny Glitch in this whole process. We have been in our current town home since 10/1/01. We signed a lease at the begining that was not renewable. We haven't signed a lease since, and we have been month to month since then.

I (foolishly) assumed there wouldn't be a problem when the time came. I called today to let them know that this will be our last month. The women on the other end of the line informed me that we would be breaking our lease, and we would owe 1200. Well thats just crap. She said that she would check with the owner and see. I am hoping that the owner will be reasonable since we have lived here the longest of the rest of her renters, and we have been consistent with our rent. It is just frustrating that this is even an issue.

We had a really nice weekend. We went to see Les Miserables in Cincinnati with the Surbrooks. It was fabulous. I haven't wanted to see Les Mis since I was in high school. It is one of my favorite musicals (Phantom, and Godspell are the other two). We went to a matinee (Isaiah got really good tickets through the seminary). Sunday we hung out with some friends after church, and Kim and I went to Michaels to get scrapbook supplies. Always fun to do. We didn't get much packing done, but I am determined to get a lot done tonight.

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