Monday, August 27, 2007

I've Finally Lost My 10%

For all of you that have done Weight Watchers in the past, you know that it can be a big deal to get to a weight loss that is equal to 10% of your starting weight. The first time I did weight watchers (a few years ago), I ended up quitting right before I got to my 10%. I proceeded to gain all the weight back plus 3 pounds, and when I did weight watchers this last time, I quit WELL before I reached 10% (I had only lost about 10 lbs when I quit this last time). Chris and I have been really focusing on losing weight since we got back from our road trip. We did Atkins for about 5 weeks. We both lost about 16 lbs doing that. We took a weekend off in between (and both gained back a few pounds) and started South Beach on the 19th. SB has worked really well for me (actually for both of us) but Chris is having a rough time sticking to the rules. We have one more week on Phase 1 (in SB) and then we will switch to Phase 2, which is a lot more liberal on what you can eat, you just have to be a lot more aware of your body. We will probably give Phase 2 at least 2 weeks, and re-evaluate at that point. The plan all along was to kick start our weight loss, and eventually phase back into doing WW. WW is ultimately more manageable in our day-to-day lives, even though the weight loss is a bit slower.
Anyhow, I have officially lost . . . . .drum roll please . . . . . . 32 pounds (total)!!!! I can really see a difference, and I have dropped a size on both bottom and top. I still have almost 100 pounds to go (in total), but I'm really focusing on the little goals, so I won't get overwhelmed. Chris and I have indefinitely put off having kids until I've gotten by BP a little more under control and I've lost another 40 lbs. We both want to be healthly and give our kiddo the best shot possible. Don't worry . . . it shouldn't take me longer than a year if I can keep up my current pace and movitivation.

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