Sunday, April 27, 2008

i am having a bad day

well the stress has shown itself.

i was supposed to get my ingrown toenail removed today. i called and made an appointment and said that I wanted them to take care of it that day, so she made sure to schedule enough time. well apparently, my doctor missed the point, because she said that she couldn't do it today. couldn't really give me a reason. she said it is because it was infected, but it isn't infected right now. there is no swelling or puss today. there was a few days ago, but i cleaned it out. so now i have to deal with this stupid ingrown toenail until after we move. on top of that, my blood pressure is high. it has been under control for the last year primarily because i was losing weight. well i gained about 5ish pounds in the last few weeks, and i'm incredibly stressed right now, so no surprise, my blood pressure was up. so now i have to go get these stupid tests, and she wants to talk about getting back on medicine. when i tried to explain that it was stress related, she didn't really respond, and still wants me to get some blood work done. so now on top of every thing else, i need to lose a chunk of weight before june 7 (my next appointment), and get my blood pressure under control.

i have had a blinding headache since I woke up. i had a nasty customer on the phone who proceeded to rip me a new one, and i haven't been able to stop crying since. i am having a bad day.

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