Tuesday, November 21, 2006

sorry i've been M.I.A for so long

Things are trucking along over here. My weight loss is staying steady. I've lost 14 lbs so far. I have this horrible cold that is going around. I've had it for about a week. I was home from work Wed, Thur, and Fri last week. I could barely talk at all. I'm still pretty croaky, but thankfully we haven't been too busy at work, so my voice has had a rest. Getting ready for my parents to come for Thanksgiving, and then a few days later, Chris' parents fly in. They will be here on and off throughout December. And then my parents will be here for New Years. Busy busy few weeks, but I'm really looking forward to the company. The house is ALMOST ready. Just need to clean the guest bath tonight and do some generally straightening. We spent most of Sunday re-organizing Chris' office because that is where our guests will be staying. It looks really good now. We are also going to make Chex-Mix tonight, and maybe some homemade cookies! Hope things are going well with everyone out there, and I will try to post more regularly.

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