Thursday, November 30, 2006

Entry for November 30, 2006

I just wanted to let you all know something very good that I found out about Ruby Tuesday. Most restaurants don't provide nutrtional information at all. Some will provide the information for a select few items of their choosing. But Ruby Tuesday has provided the nutritional information for their ENTIRE MENU!! That is incredible. It is so freeing as a weight watcher member, because I don't always want to stick to the few items that are the "healthy choices". Sometimes it is a special occasion, and I want to get what I want. But it is hard to make that choice when you have NO IDEA what the nutritional info is for that item. The freedom with weight watchers is that you can choose to splurge, you just have to know how much so you can work it into your points. Even though there aren't too many low points items at Ruby Tuesdays, I will still be going there more often, because I will have an exact idea of what I can and can't have. I have already sent them an email thanking them for providing this, and if you are a ww member, or just like having the nutritional information avaialable, please send them an email from their website as well.
That being said, it is SAD that the Carolina Chicken Salad has 26 points. That is just wrong.

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