Wednesday, June 21, 2006

finally blogging from the new house

oh, the adventures in setting up a home wireless network. my FIL bought us a wireless router and a wireless adapter, and i was thinking it would be easy-cheesy to get it setup. initially, it was really easy to setup. i followed the instructions for setting up the cable modem, and for configuring the router, and everything worked peachy keen. the problem came the next day when chris hooked up his computer to the network. for some reason it kept dropping the connection, or it would say that it found the access point, but couldn't see the internet. a frustrating 2 hours later, and it just started working. who knows. at least now i can sympathize with some of the users that i talk to. i was ready to pull my hair out, because it wasn't working, but there wasn't an apparent reason why it wasn't working.

anyhow, i am on my new computer (new to me, thank you very much mom and dad treen!) i haven't really got it configured for me yet. it is my MIL's old computer and she has some stuff she still needs to get. i tried to "clean" it as much as i could, cause she had some invalid shortcuts and spyware and such, so i got most of that off, without deleting anything important (don't worry if you read this, i seriously didn't delete any personal stuff). the new computer is a cute "cube" computer. chris and i are talking about getting him a new high end computer, and then he has to "pay" us back with his freelance money till it is paid off. don't worry, we would pay cash. :) we are too far along in paying off our debt (minus the house) to get into anymore debt. if we do get a new computer, we may donate Chris' old computer to our church. it is a very nice computer, and would be good for the associate pastor. i wander if we could count that as tax deductible??

i haven't been feeling very good lately, so keep me in your prayers. it isn't anything major, just enough to make me feel like crap. i have done something funky to my back and it is bothering me on a semi regular basis now.

i will try and borrow the digital camera in the next few days and post some pictures of the house and of Lucy (oh, didn't I tell you? chris has named the lawn, Lucy!)

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