Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hiya Randomness

  • Things are moving along swimmingly. You can blame mafiawars and farmtown for so few posts. :) I'll try to be better.
  • My husband would like you to check out his blog. He is writing as a fictional character. It really can be quite hilarious. Its too hard to describe. You should just check it out. :)
  • We tried an experiment last night that went well. We decided no TV for the whole night (unless it was an exercise dvd or the Wii fit). I have noticed that we are both feeling kind of lethargic, and letting some stuff slide, so I thought one night a week without tv is doable. We have DVR, so if there is anything on Monday nights that we want to watch, it is being recorded. We learned how to play a new card game, cleaned the kitchen, made dinner (and actually ate it at the table instead of in front of the tv), walked the dog, did the grocery shopping, listend to music, read a little bit and played skipbo (chris is a menace at that game). The night was very enjoyable, and seemed to last a lot longer. I think we will try and continue the expermint next week.
  • Brodie is getting HUGE! I'll try and upload the most recent pictures later this week. Don't get me wrong, I love my cats. Baggins was the first pet that was "mine". But I'm telling you, this dog brings us so much joy (along with a bit of frustration, this is true), and we just love him like crazy.
  • I have a long list of projects that I need to be working on. However, the rest of the weekends of the summer are quickly filling up.
  • I need to blog about our trip to Wisconsin. I think we will move there one day.
  • The weather in KY is AMAZING. We are loving it. I hate hot weather and would be happy if it never reached above 80.
  • I'm horribly behind on my reading challenges. Trying to catch up. :)

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