Friday, December 19, 2008


no work for 9 days. and for once, we aren't traveling for the holidays. we really have a rather open schedule. i think we need it to recover. from everything. work, school, the miscarriage, the wisdom teeth, the weight loss that isn't happening. everything.

i do have a lot of "nothing" planned though. i'm going to admit failure on the reading challenges, and start some new ones. i'm going to play with my blog settings. i'm going to find a bunch of new books to read. i'm going to spend the next 9 days doing nothing that i don't want to do, and everything that i do. (don't worry, i want to do some good things like exercise, etc) i'm not going to feel guilty about anything. my spirit will heal. i will feel good about myself and my life and everything in it. it is refreshing. all around.

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