Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August is PROJECTS month

So at the begining of the month I was looking at my long to do list and trying to think of ways to get out of it. :) I tried some mental encouragement to try and get motivated. I decided that if I looked at some of the things that I needed to get done as "projets" instead of just a long list, I might get more excited. Of course that wouldn't apply to everything on the list, but it would knock out a good chunk. So I sat down and wrote out a list of all the projects that could be done. And I added some fun projects to the list to help with the motivation.

Here is my list:

1. Recipe Organization (fun project)
2. Filing (to do project)
3. Clean/Organize office (to do project)
4. Organize scrapbook stuff (fun project)
5. Clean out garage (to do project)
6. Paint (to do and fun project)

I have a good start on the first three projects. I decided to put all my recipes into OneNote. I have one notebook for the "Keeper" recipes and one notebook for the "Recipes to Try". This way I can get rid of all the printouts and torn magazine pages that I have. And man, I have a lot. I thought I was almost completely done with this project, and when I was looking for something by my cookbooks I found a whole new accordian file with more in it. Thankfully, a lot of these have been from the web, so I can just find them on the web and copy them. That way there hasn't been a lot of manual data entry.

I'm also being mindful of my previous goal to get healthy. I haven't lost any more weight, but I also haven't gained. I walk with Brodie almost every night (except for recently because the poor guy has been sick with one thing or another). I've added the Wii Fit into my routine as well. It is almost embarassing to admit how sweaty I got on that thing. I don't know if it is because I don't feel like I'm excercisng, but feel like I'm playing a game, but I'm always surprised at how flipping sweaty I get. Brodie is hilarious cause he doesn't quite understand what Mama is doing, and sometimes he comes and steps on the balance board, or tries to catch my feet when I'm doing one of the excercises.

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