Wednesday, July 18, 2007

back to blogging

i kind of gave up for awhile, but now i'm back. :)
The final Harry Potter book comes out on Friday. I only started reading the books after the sixth book came out, so this is my first official "release day" book. Granted, I read through the books very very quickly. And have read them through a few times already. I even got Chris to read the whole series. He isn't as excited as I am about the final book, but I know that he will be reading it shortly after I finish. :)
My predictions. Harry doesn't die. Harry kills Voldemort. Ginny joins Ron and Hermione to help track down the horcruxes. Arthur Weasly dies. Snape dies. Neville dies. Most of the death eaters die. I think a mystery will be revealed that centers around a relationship between Lily and Snape. I think they will find a horcrux in Godric's Hollow. I'm guessing he will have to be at Hogwarts for something during the year . . . just because it would be like writing a complete different book to leave Hogwarts off. I think that Harry becomes the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.
DO NOT even joke about giving away the book. I DO NOT want to read any spoilers, and I will seriously be pissed off if someone ruins this for me. Like actually upset, won't talk to you for awhile if you are that malicious.
I hope to blog more regularly. I have a bunch of stuff to write about, including:
1. applied for a new job at the hospital
2. our road trip to new england
3. weight loss success
4. pictures of my soon to be newly organized office/scrapbook room
5. ideas for a new website (not personal website)
6. and much much more.

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