Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cleaned out my closet

I have been a little out of sorts lately. I feel like I'm in some weird kind of waiting stage, and I'm not really doing anything. We are still waiting to hear about Chris' job. This is taking FOREVER. But I'm learning patience. And trust. Just because I'm learning them, doesn't mean that I'm enjoying them. Anyway, I decided to work on some stuff that I CAN control while we are waiting for something that we can't.
So I'm starting at the corner of the house (the master closet). It had gotten pretty cluttered. So last night I dragged out all the stuff that was on the floor. I rearranged some of the storage, and sorted the clothes according to type. We put out the summer clothers, and put away the winter clothes. I vaccumed the flour and ran the rainbow on air filter for the whole night in there. It looks FANTABULOUS if I do say so myself. I will be creating a project plan for each room, that will list all the projects that I would like to do in each room with all the necessary details. For example, in the closet, I would like to get some more shelving so that we can have an area for our towels and such (oddly enough, our house doesn't have a linen closet or a coat closet). So I will write down at the measurements, and do a rough sketch, so I can get some prices together.
Tonight, it is the master bathroom. It shouldn't take too long, because we just got the toilet fixed in the master bathroom last friday, and hadn't been using the bathroom for about a month before that.
The best part about this plan, is that it is only about organizing, and not about cleaning. Chris and I have devised a new housekeeping plan. I do everything that has to do with organzing, arranging, and/or putting away. Chris does all of the actual "cleaning". If it involves a chemical or a tool, its his job. It really plays to our strengths. Chris doesn't like trying to figure something out, or doing a job that he considers to be "vague". However, I'm really good at that stuff. And I HATE the actual physical cleaning stuff. He doesn't mind it so much, and when he puts his mind to it, does a really good job (he has shown some perfectionist tendancies in that area). Plus, I feel like a burden is lifted off of my shoulders. I always felt so guilty because I very rarely got to the "cleaning" stuff unless company was coming, because the "putting away" took so long. And overall, this gives us a very clean deliniation of tasks.
So, after I'm done organizing the bathroom, Chris will come behind me and do the actual cleaning. Here is the order of the rooms:
Master Closet
Master Bathroom
Master Bedroom
Living Room
Entryway/Laundry room
Guest Bathroom
SMT Office
CMT Office
We may be getting a digital camera soon, so hopefully I will be able to take some pictures of the newly organized house and add them to the site.

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