Friday, February 16, 2007

Been awhile

seems like the longer you are away from blogging the harder it is to come back. things haven't been particularly crazy lately, just haven't been particularly in the mood to update. So, at least for right now, instead of trying to catch up on what has happened, I'll just start from now and go forward. i think that a lot of good stuff has happened, but some of it has been kind of private and there is that weird line that is hard to know who might be seeing the info. so anyway.

my EXCITING (dripping with sarcasm here, its terribly exciting to me, but everyone else will think it is lame) news is that i have spent the last few weeks setting up my office. as part of my birthday present, chris helped me clean out my office to the point where i could get a handle on the organizing part. we rearranged the furniture a bit, and i'm in the midst of the organzing right now. i have spent quite a few evenings working on my filing cabinet. it gives me a weird thrill to see the nice organized, LABELED, filing system. i tried to get chris as excited about it, but it was a no go. i thought about taking a picture of it, and posting it, but then everyone would be able to see all of our accounts, and that is kind of creepy. but believe me, it is BEAUTIFUL! i am mostly done with the filing. probably about 75% done. i have all of the file folders labeled and put in the right order, but i have a big stack of papers to be put INTO the file folders. All of the papers are organzied, so honestly, that shouldn't take too much time. chris also made me a shelf to go over my desk for the various items that are cluttering up my desk. I have put on a primer coat, and the first coat of paint. Chris is going to install the mounting hardware, and then I will paint the second coat, and then install it. After that, Chris will help put up the decorations in the room, and i will be all set. I bought a 4 ft folding table to use for scrapbook stuff. that way i don't have to put away my stuff all the time. i'm also in the process of upgrading my computer a bit.
let me know if there is anyone out there still reading this! shamelessly begging for comments. :)

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