Friday, April 21, 2006

We GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Almost unbelievable. We made the offer, and he countered, and we have accpeted his counter. Wow. I'm very excited. Everything has come together so smoothly this time. I know it isn't over yet, and I know that there are other things that have to happen, but it feels really good. This has been a long 2 years of trying to buy a house. Between all of our money issues, and credit issues, and finding great houses and then seeing someone else buy them. And the best thing is that Chris and I have come through this TOGETHER and stronger than ever. We could have used our problems to attack each other, but we faced the storm together and have come out better on the other side. Okay, I'm going to stop being corny.

Thank you to everyone for their prayers, and advice, and encouragement. It has helped to make this process smoother and sweeter. I promise to post pics of the inside of the house as soon as we have them. I may even entertain you with packing/moving pics.

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